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Harish Kumar

Chartered Accountant (Twitter Handle: @harrie007),

Mr. Harish Kumar is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He is a Technical Trader, Positional Price Action Trader.He trades using the Demand Supply concept along with Bollinger Bands (Thankful to Mr John Bollinger, the father of the concept) with a purpose of generating better returns and long term growth in Indian equity markets. Being into a full time employment in Finance domain, he takes very less intraday trades and his main focus is on positional trading with a holding period of 3-10 days.He started trading in stock market in 2009 just like other traders. Busted few accounts. Slowly, learned the importance of learning and started learning Technical Analysis. Actively trading since 2015 onwards. He considers himself a life time “Learner” who firmly believes in “Focus on protection of capital first, the returns will follow” and “Rome was not built in a day”.His analysis is mix, based on charts with the analysis of demand & supply backed with various Price Action indicators. He likes to keep himself abreast of overall sentiments and trend of markets & various sectors.