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Santosh Pasi

Founder, Pasi Technologies

Mr. Santosh Pasi is an Option trader, trainer and founder of PASI TECHNOLOGIES.Mr Santosh Pasi has a bunch of domain specific CISA, PMP, MBA and MCA.  He has been a trader in the Indian stock markets with an overall experience of 14 years, specialising in Options Trading while focusing on volatility.  He is a non-directional option strategy trader, considering volatility as edge. He Manages tool “OptionsOracle”, an option strategy analysis tool, widely used by most option trader in India. He has been conducting Option Trading workshops all pan India. He has also trained over 800 participants across India and other parts of the world.  His hobbies include Swimming, Ice skating, roller skating, bungee jumping, sky diving and is a certified scuba diver. He has worked in India, UK and USA.  He has also visited Australia, Singapore and Sweden.