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Aseem Singhal


Aseem Singhal has a rather colorful profile for a trader. After getting Magna Cum Laude and being part of the Dean's List in his undergrad and grad schools, he was roped in by top investment banks - JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank Singapore. However, the entrepreneurial spirit in Aseem did not let him stay in a corporate environment.
He has a keen interest in fashion and is involved in his family business that specializes in producing leather clothing for men and women. Aseem founded a tech company, a matrimonial app and a dating app. Later, he franchised a jewellery showroom and a fashion retailer Raymond showroom.
As a trader, he is a firm believer in price action analysis and uses it to profitably trade options in his personal account. Aseem has previously worked at quantitative funds and developed profitable trading systems. Aseem backtests each system thoroughly using his in-house tech capabilities and only trades systems which are consistently profitable over long run.