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K Ananth Rao

Co-Founder, Kurtosis Analytics & Advisors

    Mr. K Anant Rao is the Co-Founder and Partner of Kurtosis Analytics & Advisors, a SEBI Registered
    Investment Advisor. He is a market analyst using Technical Analysis for trend identification and was gainfully employed with some leading name like
    •Strategic Capital Securities
    •ICICI Securities Ltd.
    •SBI Capital Market Securities Ltd.

    Limited K Anant Rao has been tracking the financial markets for close to 18 years with a career that has spanned varied roles, successful analyst, trader, broker, strategist and investment adviser /manager.

    Ananth has experience across following asset classes:
    •Equities (India)
    •Currency (G-7, INR & Dollar Index)
    •Bonds (US, India and Interest Rate Swaps -OIS)
    •Commodities (Energy and Metals)
    • Anand Rathi Securities