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Hariprasad Kizhakkethara

Founder, , Livelong Wealth

Hariprasad K started his career in the financial markets working for international prop trading firms in the crude oil industry post which he set up his own prop firm and wealth-management desk. He does risk-defined options strategies targeting to make 2-3 % on a monthly basis. His focus is on expiry day strangles as well as ratio spreads for directional trades. His firm, Livelong Wealth, has been in the wealth management industry for the last 7 years with 20 crore+ AUM globally at their prop desk. Their major focus is on trading Banknifty and Nifty options strategies and from time to time take long only Equity Swings. They pay careful attention to managing the risks on their spreads and believe in consistency and long-term vision rather than quick profits with higher risk.