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Rohit Katwal

Founder,Director, Katwal Asset Management

Rohit Katwal with a background in Computer Science and MBA in Finance has been trading for a living for last 12+ years now. Rohit was introduced to stock markets in 2009 by his father Lt. Mr. Krishan Pratap Singh. With his first trade in Infosys, Rohit understood that he always loved computers and not computer science. Thus his journey in the stock market began. Later, Rohit did his post-graduation in MBA Finance to better understand the world of business and finance side by side working in stock markets. In 2017, he finally decided to quit the job and started trading for a living. In 2019, he founded Katwal Asset Management. Today Katwal Asset Management is helping salaried, retired and busy professionals to make earnings from the stock market through Options Trading. Katwal Asset Management has also ventured into algorithm trading where many strategies are live for clients. In 2020, Rohit Katwal wrote "Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading" which in its simple form was written to help novice traders professionally trade and generate monthly income from Options Trading. Today, with his mentoring, Rohit Katwal is helping many clients and traders become profitable.