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Deepak Thakran


I am trader by Passion and a Computer Science Engineer by education qualification . My life revolves around my family and that is where I find my happiness. I work / trade from my home which is in a Village in the outskirts of Delhi and I spend a lot of time through the day with my kids and Parents. Aim is to stay happy in life and not to wait for anything more than this, because one should never postpone enjoying life with family and friends in exchange for earning money. I am a full-time trader, trading for living. Like everyone else my aim is also not to lose much and protect capital and follow a trading system which focus on what market is doing. My analysis is mixed with the information generated from Markets and behaviour of market during the rise and fall.
I follow simple trading with almost no indicators and all my systems are based on keen observation of the market. Primarily I trade only Intra-day and do not more than 2 trades a day. I wait like a Hawk till I get my trade with best percentage to win.