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Super 25 3.0


Super 25 3.0 is one of the largest retail trader’s online conferences ever conducted in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best speakers in the trading community


Super 25 3.0 is one of the largest retail trader’s online conferences ever conducted in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best speakers in the trading community in order to share deeper trading knowledge to the retail trader’s community.



Learn from India’s best speakers



With Creative strategies, concepts and ideas



Most economical, diversified event ever planned



No Travel, boarding and lodging expenses



Participation from traders across the world



Access to Recordings for Lifetime



At Traders Gurukul complex financial concepts are simplified where everything is under one roof, so put your learning into practice because all featured products are reviewed here

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  • 25 speakers across India
  • 25 creative ideas & concepts
  • 25 days of Learning
  • Practical strategies
  • Access to recordings
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  • Market Knowledge across topics
  • Solid content
  • Good speakers
  • Topics across various themes of trading
  • Zero sales pitch or promotions
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  • No holy grail systems
  • No secrets formulas
  • No Ponzi schemes
  • No Quick rich models
  • No money doubling strategies

Online sessions. 25 Speakers. Learn from India’s best speakers


May 02 - May 30 2022. Attend event daily from 08:00 PM – 10:00 PM


499 available seats. Hurry up! Few tickets are still left before it gets full


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Super 25 3.0

02 May 2022 20:00 - 30 May, 2022 22:00

3500 7000
50% OFF

3500 7000
50% OFF

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02 May TO 30 May


Key Note Speaker - Insider Trading Disclousures with Technical Analysis

Nooresh Meerani

Date :
02-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :02-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Market profile intraday technique

Nataraj Malvade

Date :
03-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :03-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

- What is market profile trading?
- Importance of using Market profile in Intraday trading
- Initiative & Responsive Activities in Day trading
- Day structures
- magic of Initial Balance And how to trade it!

Relative Strength

Gaurav Bissa

Date :
04-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :04-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

- Relative Strength is one of the simplest but also one of the most powerful tool for screening stocks.
- It facilitates in building positions in strong instruments which increases the probability of success
- It can also be used for cross-asset trading

Price Actioned Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Trading

Ashok Devanampriya

Date :
05-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :05-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Decoding the Sensex

NS Fidai

Date :
06-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :06-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

- What history says?
- 3 types of Corrections
- How long does it take to recover?
- What should we do?

Techniques To Ride The Ongoing Bull Trend & The Road Ahead

Gautam Shah

Date :
07-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :07-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

3FA High Probability trades

Gurumoorthy P Iyer

Date :
09-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :09-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

3FA - Three Factor Authentication - here we use combination of Price, Volume and Trend / Momentum indicators to zero in on high probability trade setups with least risk to best reward. Will be training on how to use PVT, ATR, RSI along with the Price charts

Using Price for Trend Identification.

Gunjan Dua

Date :
10-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :10-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Price is the purest form of demand and supply identification, however not many traders make use of it. In this webinar, I will be discussing Pure price strategies and how a trader can identify trend with that. To add to that, I will also showcase how price pattern identification can be mixed with common indicators to make higher probability setups.

"Level- Up your Trading Style with Fibonacci "

Brijesh Bhatia

Date :
11-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :11-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Trading and Investing are two sides of coins with one motive - multiplying the coins. But to multiple your money, your need to Level-up your skills and conviction.

In trading, the time and levels play a key important role and to get it right, you need the right strategy.

Being a reversal trader for years, catching the falling knife is my forte. And I will share my secret tool, Fibonacci with you in this conference.

In this session, you can master on implementation of Fibonacci Levels and Fibonacci Time Cycles to find the right level and right time to enter and exit your trades.

The tools like Fibonacci Retracement & Projection, Fibonacci Time Cycle and Fibonacci Circle will be explained for your profitable journey.

Failed Divergences

Ankit Chaudhary

Date :
12-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :12-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Option buying - A calculated risk


Date :
13-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :13-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Option buying is a risky thing it's a myth. Risk involved in every thing. If you know how to take a calculated risk you can win in the war of options trading.
A low margin game for a high Return on investment with examples.

Data confluence- Peruse derivative & non derivative data- we will Prevail

Rajesh Sriwastava

Date :
14-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :14-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Over the last few months FIIs are selling relentlessly however market performance are still intact, how is that possible?? Our DIIs Saved us!!!!

As we know DIIs are largely operating in cash segment, with the changing time it’s imperative to keep and eye on non-derivative data even for the stocks which are traded into derivative segment, in this session we will learn how to make a “conflux” of derivative and non-derivative data to pick winning trades

How To Draw & Trade Curved Trendlines

Sanket Vinay Thakar, CMT

Date :
16-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :16-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

- Difference between Flat and Curved Trendline
- How to Draw / Plot curved trendlines
- Advantages of curved trendlines
- How to confirm breakouts
- Identifying Targets
- Where to place stoploss?

How to make consistent money in day trading using the simple camarilla pivo

E Rama Krishna

Date :
17-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :17-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Camarilla Pivot points have been used since the days of pit trading, which means it has also stood the test of time. In this webinar, will discuss why it is so reliable and how best one can apply in day trading for great and consistent results, Definition, equations, calculations, Camarilla trading strategies and advantages and limitations of trading with camarilla pivot points.

Trading in the Shadow of Big Money –Volume & Pattern Recognition Strategies


Date :
18-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :18-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Markets are often driven by Smart and Big Institutional Traders. They are the pillars of Market Sentiment. Even though we can’t recognize their activity with certainty, we can use the power of volume, Price Action and Co-relation to identify their behavior to an extent. That’s what we will discuss in this Session. We will see how to spot the activity of Big Money Players with help of Price Volume Co-relation analysis. Find a way to trade in the shadow of Big Money using Insightful trading strategies.

Zig-Zag Theory (A Leader or A lagger)

Rishikesh Singh

Date :
19-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :19-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

A brief extension of Dow -Theory (Increases the success ratio of the trades) - Profit booking with RSI technique - How to Ride the winners Technically with our Trailing Stop Loss Rule. - History repeats - (Once a price structure always a price structure)

Decoding the Web 3.0 era

Jubran Siddique

Date :
20-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :20-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

A brief insight on

- Evolution of web from 1.0 to 3.0
- What is decentralisation and how it empowers Blockchain technology.
- What are smart contracts
- Difference between Crypto currencies and Crypto tokens.
- Different type of wallets
- Metaverse
- NFT's
- What is a DAO
- What is Crypto Mining.

The Holy Grail - Diversification into Non correlated algorithmic strateg

Rakesh Pujara

Date :
21-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :21-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Magic of Options Chain with Technicals

Santosh Meena

Date :
23-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :23-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

- How to read Options Chain like expert - Reading of OI - How to take practical trades based on Change in OI - Understanding of OI in Technicals - Breakout trades with options - Live examples

The profile of Trend Following Systems

sovit Manjani

Date :
24-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :24-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

- Tools to identify trends,
- Multiple Signal testing,
- Different System Profiles,
- Conclusion from the tests,
- Is profiting from Trend Trading a Skill?

Directional Option Selling using CPR & Price Action

Utkarsh Jaiswal

Date :
25-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :25-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

- Trading Options using CPR & Price Action
- Know when to Sell ITM (Aggressive) , ATM & OTM(Safe) Options
- How to find Low risk - High reward locations
- Rule-based Trading system
- Simple strategy for trading Index Options

Intraday Stock Option Buying Strategy

Aseem Singhal

Date :
26-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :26-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Systematic stock option buying strategy with fixed stop loss and target. It has consistently given returns on top 50 stocks. The strategy has a low drawdown if you trade basket of stock options. The margin requirements are less since it’s a stock buying strategy.
We will also look into how to test this strategy on historical and live market so that you get confidence before executing.

Bank Nifty - Option Trading Trick

Arun N

Date :
27-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :27-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

With the help of the Content, traders can take trading decisions like when to enter or exit in Index in Intra/Positional . Its a Simple Method and Even Beginners anyone could apply in real time, sooner once understanding and Mastering the concepts.

Traders will also be able to understand the market sentiments and the interaction between the buyers and sellers in the markets.
They also will be able to analyze whether the ongoing trend is going to continue or reverse so that they can take their trading decisions accordingly.

This course greatly benefits aspiring day traders, and swing traders, scalpers and long term investors

Unique Positional / Swing Trading Techniques Using Techno-Funda Way

Parveen Kumar

Date :
28-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :28-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

- Tools for research & stock selection
- Stock selection process
- Entry Triggers
- Exit Triggers
- Allocation of stocks

The Compression Theory of Big Targets

Ashok Devanampriya

Date :
30-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Date :30-May-2022 ,
Time : 20:00

Who's speaking

What is Super 25 3.0?
Super 25 3.0 is one of the largest retail trader’s online conferences ever conducted in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best speakers in the trading community in order to share deeper trading knowledge to the retail trader’s community. Super 25 3.0 is an exclusive annual event of the Traders Gurukul family.

What is the price of Super 25 3.0?
Super 25 3.0 Event price is 7000rs. Early bird fees, for first 200 members, after a discount is Rs.3500/- exclusive of GST

How to join the live event?
All paid participants will get Goto webinar joining link by Email..

What will I get out of Super 25 3.0?
Meaning of Life. Kidding! You will get to listen to 25 awesome speakers sitting at the comfort of your home. We will also provide access to recordings post the event

What if I miss a webinar?
Do not worry. You will get access to recordings from your trainer

What if I cancel?
You can cancel and request for a refund before the sessions begin. However, Refund will not be entertained after the sessions start

Where will I get more details about the trainer?
you can get detailed information from the speaker pages in our website

How do I attend the live sessions?
all the information will be shared to your registered email id well in advance with all the steps to attend the webinar

Can I write review for the trainings?
YES. All paid students can write reviews about their classes in their student dashboard

Can I refer my friends to the programs?
YES. You can refer your friends to all the traders gurukul programs. Just send your personal referral link to your friends for 20% revenue share.


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