Take advantage of Historical Ranges to trade Short Straddles.

22 May, 2021 | 20:00 - 22:00

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Thoviti Brahmachary

Chief Mentor, Indus School of Technical Analysis

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The short straddles have become an order of the day because of their suitability. It is categorised as a limited return, unlimited risk, but, in a genuine sense, there is no relevance to the risk. The risk is very minimal for anyone who understands the calculation of the risk-reward ratio and the breakeven levels. The weekly option has the advantage of Theta (time value) erosion. By taking this as an advantage and using the high premiums as tools to build the straddle. At the beginning of the week, At The Money (ATM) Call and Put premiums together, ranging from Rs.1100 to 1400 and above some cases. This means you are profitable; even if the Banknifty moves 1100 -1400 points on either side, you are fortunate. Historically, over 70 per cent of the time on a weekly basis, the Banknifty moves less than a thousand points. If you understand this historical range, Use this historical fact as an advantage and apply short straddles for profitable trading.


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